Apr 11, 2011

Human Error Ep finished, Ad Intra Full Length Update

So I recently finished Mixing and Mastering the new Ep by the excellent Venezuelan death metal band "Human Error", 5 tracks of insane blasting and sick grooves. These are great friends and excellent musicians, worth giving a listen if you're into brutal, raw Death Metal. The album will very soon be released worldwide, but in the meanwhile you can listen to a teaser track off the album here, this is the track "Reborn in Pestilence".

Human Error - "Reborn in Pestilence" by LightsOut Studios

After all the drum tracks were recorded by our ex-drummer and great friend Juan Gonzalez over at Sidewalk Studios in Venezuela, Ad Intra are now prepared to record the guitar tracks to our full length album. We will be using our Easter Vacation time ("Semana Santa" in Spanish) to lock ourselves up at LightsOut Studios and let the energy flow and the metronome blow to create this beauty of an album. Recording will start on Thursday 22/04 with Alex coming in to record the accoustic guitar parts to the title track and a couple more songs, and then on Friday Yessika will join us in recording all the guitar tracks over the weekend. Updates with photos and hopefully videos will be posted here when it all happens!

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