Sep 6, 2012

Stoner and the Devil

At the beginning of this year I had the chance to record a 3 song Ep for a local trio that goes by the name "RatoNegro", excellent musicians except their singer. Oh wait, there's no singer! 3 songs of varied heaviness, but each in its own special league, so check it out! RatoNegro - "Why?" by LightsOut Studios

You can download the Ep at their bandcamp site

On the other hand, I also took the time to record an old song of my own creation, in a genre not done before in LightsOut Studios: Black Metal! To bathe you in the epicness before listening, I'll give you a short description of the meaning and symbolism of this piece: Conceived by LightsOut Studios owner Dan Lights, this beautiful black metal piece is based on an ancient 7 year old legend of a demonic apparition in a cheap department store in the desolate third world country of Venezuela. Everything written, performed and produced by Daniel at LightsOut Studios.

Trakian Forest - "El Diablo Esta en Traki" by LightsOut Studios

I've also done some random editing and programming work, for example drum editing on 3 songs for the soon to be released Ep of the American band "Devium" and programming for a german death metal band.

New things up soon!